Why Dr. Sohini Sastri is the best astrologer in Delhi?

Astrologer Dr. Sohini Sastri welcomes you to the world of astrology where you will find out resolutions to every obstruction you are facing, be it family, social, professional, educational or several others. Tantra siddha maha-yogini Dr. Sohini Sastri is the best astrologer in Delhi who has made her name prominent across the country covering all the major cities.

She is a huge devotee of Goddess Kali or you can say she is famous Kali Sadhak and she draws immense positive energy from the material world through her tantra sadhana. She has helped numerous people in need by infusing them with positive energy. As well she organizes puja and yagna for her clients. With her spiritual power and willfulness towards doing well, she did many miracles.

With the power of puja, yagna & her spiritual energy, she has resolved problems like career building and growth, marriage issues, couple issues, cheating in love, court cases, vastu dosh, business prosperity, wealth and family prosperity, various medical issues and so on. Her popularity also helps her to become the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Being a vedic astrologer does not bind her from roaming through other streams of astrology. She has mastered over the subjects like numerology, palmistry, vastu sastra, and color therapy too.

Dr. Sohini Sastri is considered one of the world’s leading astrologers. Influenced by the great astrologer Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, her take on astrology is psychological and humanistic. She believes that our present life is directly influenced by our own “karma” or actions in the past and the problems that we face in our life can only be resolved by our present actions and positive approach towards it.

Now you can stop watching out for a true spiritual healer and astrologer, as you have found, Dr. Sohini Sastri, the best astrologer in Delhi, India.

This renowned name is also popular in Mumbai, as she is considered as one of the best astrologers in Mumbai.

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“To My Beloved Clients”

We all have the potential to be the one we dream. The trick is, dreaming is not going to give you result. For that, you have to work hard & keep focus on the target. In the way of becoming the best astrologer in Delhi, I too face challenges and competition. I have followed the basic rules. I compartmentalize the BIG, SCARY target into small ones, update myself as per current trend and always seek proper guidance.

Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
by Lily Hunter
Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
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Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
by Lily Hunter
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Role of Indian Astrology In Future Prediction

According to the best astrologer in Delhi, the science of predicting the future is said to be a very difficult task to do, but with the help of Vedic Astrology, predicting the future becomes easy. It is the most accurate way to know about your horoscope and future analysis in order to get the best solution to your problem.

Durga:  Signification of the Innermost Power of Consciousness and Power
Durga: Signification of the Innermost Power of Consciousness and Power

Maa Durga is not a mere formation of human thought, an image or archetype of our minds or culture. She is Adi Shakti, the inmost power of consciousness, ever taking shape within and around us as the creative and transformative force that is the essence of the cosmic life according to the best astrologer in delhi.

Interior and Vastu According to the Best Astrologer in Delhi
Interior and Vastu According to the Best Astrologer in Delhi

The North-East corner of a house should be allotted to the temple. It gives peace and good mental health to the residents but if it is heavily loaded or kept dirty the residents suffer from hypertension, lack of peace and there is restriction in growth. In interior decoration this corner of each room should be kept empty or it should be very light according to the best astrologer in Delhi.


I have been consulting with Dr. Sohini Sastri  my whole life and it is such a blessing to me! I am so blessed to have her as my guide. In every situation, be it relationship, marriage, whenever I felt the need of her advice she has given me her best. She is the reason today I leave with peace & spirituality.

Mukesh DeshpandeBusinessman

I was very tensed regarding my son's career. His marks were good but he was very casual. He didn't even attend few campus interview. Sohini Di has talk with him and gave him advice and remedy. To my surprise his behaviors changed towards very positive. Obviously he is now employed. Sohini Di resolve the most concerning issue of my life. I am still surprised how she managed to do that.

Srijato ChakrabortyAdvocate

I am Finance head at a investment company now. I used to face a lot of problems in getting promotions and increments that was due for long time. I also had trouble while concentrating at office in last few terms of my service period. After consulting Sohini Didi, she suggested some good remedies to wear along with some rituals and I followed strictly and now I have been promoted as the Finance Head! I also like doing the job I have now. Thanks a lot to Sohini madam for helping me to get better prospect.

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