An Interview With the best astrologer in India, Dr. Sohini Sastri for Astrology Solutions

An Interview With the best astrologer in India, Dr. Sohini Sastri for Astrology Solutions

We are always eager to connect with the best astrologer in India for astrology solutions to human problems. So this is a very common question that arises in our mind:  how to judge a good astrologer? So here an interview was taken with the best astrologer of India Dr. Sohini Sastri. Here are some abstracts of it.

How to find a good astrologer in India?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: According to Lord Vishnu, if an astrologer inspected fifty thousand different horoscopes throughout his whole life, then only he has the power to analyse the individual’s future and give solutions to them. Not only this, a good astrologer should study ten horoscopes daily.

If one is looking for the best astrologer in kolkata, she should be aware of whether the person has a vast experience in his field or not because nowadays many customers get fooled. It is also necessary to have the knowledge of science and mathematics as they play an immense role in astrology. But, do mind that your quest for a good astrologer dramatically depends upon your karma. If the malefic stars are inflicting one badly, then sometimes even the best astrologers fail.

best astrologer in India

What are the essential qualities of a good astrologer?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: The astrologer should be well-read and should also be well versed with the Desh (country or place), Kaal(time), and Patra(individual). He should be intuitive and have all the solutions. Those having these qualities have the capability to venture into the dark unknown world of ‘future.’

Who can be a good career and business astrologer?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: A good astrologer for career and business not only knows the ways to analyze the career and business houses in a horoscope. Usually, it is a task to locate a qualified and experienced astrologer who has these abilities. Furthermore, in these fast-changing times, the astrologer should be well-versed in the new ever-evolving careers and new erupting businesses. Very few astrologers in this world could through horoscopes judge and recommend between being an astronaut or a pilot. So, before depending on any astrologer for career and business issues, it is advisable to check on his capabilities and then finalise your path to career.

Who can be a good vastu astrologer?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: A good astrologer for vastu knows the significance of every corner of the house and can suggest suitable measures. A good astrologer should also know about feng-shui and other things.

Should we trust the view of  online astrologers?

Dr.Sohini Sastri: It all depends upon the type of consultation one has sought. Suppose it involves counseling, then online may not be the best option. But if one wants an answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ then taking online consultation may work. Usually, short mechanized reports are taken online. But I recommend that an astrologer should notice it manually and personally also.

best astrologer in India

Is an astrologer area-specific e.g, The best astrologer in Delhi is different from the best astrologer in Mumbai or is different from the best astrologer in India?

Dr.Sohini Sastri: No; if one astrologer is best, he is the best everywhere i.e., best in Delhi, best in Mumbai, best in India. Best astrologer in a particular area or counting like 10 top best astrologers in India does not appeal to me somehow.

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