Astrological Combinations for Writing Skills By The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Astrological Combinations for Writing Skills By The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

The writer is an intellectual who will play a very important role in shaping and reforming society. The writer could be one who understands all aspects of life because he is aware of what is life, that the literature that he contributes to society will teach us that the way to live a decent and successful life.

Different writers who return from the various walks of life have deep insight into the mindset of people of that community from where they come; they can not only prevalent the matter even have the effective resolution for those issues. In that way when he has the talent to solve the matter, he will do moderately well for our state.

Therefore, it’s the pen of the writer wherever lies the beginning of politics. Different types of writers write on politics, religion, philosophy, economics, spirituality, creativity, occult sciences, astrology, tantra- mantra meditation, yoga, films, stories, poetry, epics, drama, novel, science, fiction, sports, entertainment, etc.

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Here in this article, one of the best astrologers in Kolkata wishes to speak regarding a number of the common characteristics of outstandingly successful writers during this world. Astrologically planets reveal totally different characteristics and influence afterward as-

Moon- represents intuition, imagination, and visualization.

Mercury- represents intellect, reasoning, and writing skills

Jupiter- represents exceptionally good writing skills and reserves mental energy.

Saturn- represents deep thinking and analysis

Venus- represents style, sophistication, and creativity.

In the horoscope of the writers, the key planet and specific planetary yogas influence the writing skill according to the best astrologers of Kolkata. The planets Moon and Mercury give comedy, fiction, poetry, drama. Saturn gives pessimistic and analytical writing. Venus ensures artistic, romantic, fashion-related writing. Jupiter and Mars give logical and versatile writing skills.

Here we are analyzing some of the famous writers of the globe —

1. Rabindra Nath Tagore:

He was born in jorasanko, Kolkata on 7.5.1861 at 4 A.M. He devoted his whole time to writing poetry, short stories, and novels. the gathering of his poems known as Geetanjali which was translated into English won the Nobel prize in 1913. He was the musician of the national anthem of India and Bangladesh. He was born in Pisces ascendant and Moon sign that is that the sign of power, knowledge, imagination. Moon and Jupiter (lagnesh) exalted in 5th causing Parivartan yoga, are the key planets that give extraordinary intelligence and make the horoscope double powerful.

2. William Shakespear:

Shakespeare was born on 22.4.1564 at Stratford near London. He wrote 30 plays which included some of the world’s most famous tragedies and comedies. His famous plays area unit Julius Ceasar, Hamlet, etc. He has been admired in every age and in each country for the beauty and excellence of his literary creation. He was born in Leo ascendant sign whose lord is exalted in 9th house which gives the recognition and intelligence within the field of career.

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The Moon sign is Virgo which provides a deep and analytical mind. third lord Venus within the tenth house forming Malvya yoga indicates the skill in writing. Jupiter (5th lord) exalted in the twelfth house creating a raj yoga and Saturn gives the deep and research bound skill. Moon in the second house (pakshabali) aspected by Saturn and Mercury (Rasi lord) offers high intellect, intuition, and writing skills. Venus and mercury forming yoga with Sun so ensuring the yogas for turning into good author, said by the famous astrologer in Kolkata. Major planets within the brighter half of the horoscope and raj yogas confer him the worldwide name, fame.

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