Best Astrologer in Delhi Says the Role of Mars in Marital Life

Best Astrologer in Delhi Says the Role of Mars in Marital Life

The courageous, confident and masculine energy of Mars is what everybody wants to acquire to meet up the demands of life. It is Venus who bonds couples together and Mars gives them his energy, passion and will-power to handle life fearlessly and adapt situations.

According to best astrologer in delhi, despite all the favorable sides Mars also influenced badly in marital life if posited in few particular areas of our chart.

Following are the few case studies.

  • Mars in 7th house brings adversities in married life. Life partner will have short-comings like anger, impatient, forceful and too ambitious to affect relationship.
  • Mars afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mercury will make an individual illogical, rash and destructive.
  • Mar with Jupiter will bring defamation because of spouse.
  • Mars with Sun creates problems.
  • Mars and Venus will also create conflict between couples.
  • Mar and Saturn will create psychological problems.

As well Mars is responsible for Manglik Dosha. If Mars is found in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th Houses the condition is said to be Manglik Dosha and the person is said to be Manglik. Mangliks have problems of remaining in a relationship or they may also face lot of problems due to their nature.

Mangal Dosha is nullified if a Manglik is born on Tuesday or if one Manglik marries another. Kumbh Vivaha is suggested to individuals with serious manglik dosha. In such cases, the person is first married to a pot or tree or Vishnu/ Lakshmi to erase the dosha from his chart.

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