Busy Month For Sun and Leo

Busy Month For Sun and Leo

The Sun is the Kala Purusha’s heart, and everyone benefits from his beneficent rays for power, energy, and health. He is the embodiment of bravery, valor, kingship, parenthood, triumph, and achievement accordion to the famous astrologer in Delhi. In his own sign of Leo, he feels at ease and powerful, but during the next month, he will be surrounded by adversaries.

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The natural 5th sign of the zodiac, Leo, is the sign of Individualization, a sign of magnificent light and might, and it depicts the creative drive of the Cosmic man to return to his Source. Leo is a material sign, but they constantly have an eye toward the skies. It depicts the Divine Child clutching the hand of his Father in the sky while leaping into the realm of matter. The difficulty of Leo, as we are witnessing with our Leo Presidential contenders, is that their egotism is so ingrained that they are unwilling to give up their worldly possessions in order to pursue something greater for the globe by the famous astrologer in Delhi.

Leo is home for the Sun but in this sign, he is stubborn, independent while very organized in doing humanitarian work. Leo represents the King, the seer, and the great leader but its hard for him to do his job when he is crowded out by enemies hurling problems at him such as Saturn and Rahu and even Venus, who is one of the problem planets for the Leos and Venus tends to create problems with siblings, work and partnerships.

When the Sun goes into Leo on August 17th, we will have 4 planets there with Mercury, Rahu, Venus, and Jupiter has just left. We have a solar eclipse on Sept. 1st in Leo and we have two presidential candidates that are Leo rising. Expect a clash of the titans hurling solar flares at each other.

Through late December, Saturn in Scorpio makes a complete aspect or look into Leo. If you are a Leo rising sign, Leo Sun sign (born August 17-September 16th), or have planets in Leo, this is a complicated month, and it will be much more so for Hilary and Donald.

The Solar eclipse on September 1st tends to disclose deep-buried truths, and the outcome is frequently the demise of a king since only Rahu and Ketu have the power to bring the Sun and the Great King down. Hilary is more susceptible than Donald, who was born on the day of an eclipse and will be aided by this one.

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If we thought that the Presidential race was crazy so far, look for Sun in Leo to heat it up as we get a true clash of the titans grasping at power with Saturn’s glance working to humble them and Rahu’s aspect trying to eclipse them and bring them down.

Expect significant confrontations with employees and subordinates if you’re in charge, and strive to maintain your calm and magnificent composure. Continue your meditation to re-energize yourself, and remember that you are King, and your brilliance poses a threat to others. Allow your magnificent and humanitarian grace to come through, and use your leadership to assist others, and you will shine through all of the attacks. Visit famous astrologer in Delhi for additional personal perspective.

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