Colour Therapy – Healing with hues:

The first question comes to our mind after hearing the color therapy is what does astrology do with color? Well astrology has so many things to do with color.  Every color carries different energy altogether. Color is attached to us in every possible way. When we look around us we will find different colors everywhere which rekindles our mind in a specific way; each has got something to do with our emotions and mood. It works on our psychological level and impacts our body.  Color Therapy is basically – a color treatment of treating the body, mind and soul.

The human body comprised of seven ‘chakras’ or the energy points, each of which develops to the seven colors in the visible spectrum VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. The innate vibes within these shades can bring energy to our body, and therefore establishing equality within the body of the living beings is necessity.  If this is perceived, ailments can be treated and the physical being could be considered healthy. Color therapy stimulates our organs, even sixth sense in bringing about this very balance by the chakras with the help of the vibes stored within the seven colors.

Which Chakra Responds to What Colour?

The Crown:

Situated at the top of a person’s head, the crown justifies the understanding and knowledge, and is directly proportionate with the person’s central nervous system. An individual can connect with the divinity via the crown chakra. An imbalance of energy in this spot can lead to psychological issues, including depression. The crown signifies the color Violet.

The Brow:

Brow aka “Third Eye” is located on a person’s forehead right between the brows. It influences the spiritual being. It is the significance of this chakra that a person nurtures the quest for knowledge and is also responsible for his wisdom and intuition as well. A blockage of energy flow in this particular area can lead to loss of sub conscious memory and intuition. The brow chakra correlates with the color Indigo.

The Throat:

The third chakra is our throat which plays a key role as an energy chakra. It brings smartness and makes communication easy and delivers an individual his sense of judgment. It is because of this chakra that a person performs good and bad, and also helps in articulation of expression. The throat chakra is directly connected with your thyroid gland influencing the neck, shoulder, ears, and arms as well. A blockage in this spot can lead to low confidence and low self-esteem, thyroid problems, neck and shoulder pain and oral issues. The throat chakra is exclusive for the color Blue.

The Heart:

The heart chakra, evidently, stays in the heart of a person and because of its position a person relate with the art of loving. The chakra delivers a person with passion and desire, peace and harmony. It directly connects with the lungs and if energy flow glitches here, it can lead to heartbreaks, emotional trauma, inhumanity, lack of compassion, weak immune system and ailments related to the heart & lungs. The heart chakra is in correlates with the color Green.

The Solar Plexus:

The solar plexus lies just above the navel helps in occurrence of the digestion. It stimulates the pancreas and the adrenals and also exerts its effect on the muscles in the stomach. It is this spot where a person’s ‘gut feelings’ gains voice and a person learns the joy of laughing and depression. His sense of success, aspiration and capabilities are largely confined by this chakra. If there is a blockage here, it can lead to improper digestion, emotional frustration, and a loss of direction. The sufferer might get victim of situation all the time. The solar plexus responds to the color Yellow.

The Sacral:

This chakra is placed in between a person’s navel and the tip of this spinal cord. The energy point directly signifies the lower part of the stomach, including the circulatory and reproductive system. It affects the kidneys and urinary bladder. The chakra is associated with a person’s sexual desire and sense of pleasure and pangs and the aesthetic sense. If the energy flows in wrong direction it can lead to sexual guilt and OCDs. The sacral chakra responds to the color Orange.

The Base:

We call it as root chakra; this energy point is considered at the perineum, the area between the anus and scrotum. It is termed ‘root’ because it is closed to the earth and therefore it keeps a person down-to-earth. It affects the intestine, hips, legs, and associated bones and provides the body the needed strength to stand upright and defensive during fight response. If the energy flow is blocked in this area, it can lead to weakness, paranoia, passive behavior and the inability to fight adverse situations. The base chakra responds to the color Red.

How Does Colour Therapy Helps?

Color therapy is one of the unique and less trodden methods which is of great help to heal many kinds of diseases. The human body response to any color through the skin, eyes, and cranium. Each shade is to some extent is filled with energy, which can affect us in our mind body and soul, at any time. The colors can exercise within our body physical, mental, and spiritual level. This is because the body, mind, and spirit are not separate units but is intermingled and coordinates with each other. Each cell in our body has the potential to get in this light energy and use it for ailing.

The entire process of color therapy is methodical, holistic, safe, and uplifted. It improves blood circulation within the body, helps in calming the mind, improves the immune system, determines nervousness, regulates the healing process, and gives the body the power to endure pain and balance the pleasure. As the colors decipher power, color therapy has a significant impact in way of cooperating the body, mind, and spirit of all ailments.

Which Ailments Are Treatable With Colour Therapy?

Color therapy is practiced in west in east as well through professional. A professional color therapist will make the application of a colored light ray to balance the energy in any or align the seven chakras. The professional who practice color therapy as a profession will be acquainted with the colors visually or verbally to the people to heal the pain. Mostly, candles, lamps, gemstones, glass prisms, colored fabric, eye lenses, crystals, or lasers are used for the purpose. Depending on the ailing area, the light will be introduced to your body so that the energy contained in that particular color is absorbed to the utmost possibility by aligning the spirit of our mind body and soul.