Impact of Full Moon in Leo

Impact of Full Moon in Leo

Society is a reflection of the planetary arch, and this is not a mistake. As earthly inhabitants we seem to need a head of state, a kind of President or if distilled down, a father figures according to the best astrologer in Delhi.

Leo is the epitome of energy. It is the fire which is spirit and energy. Leo is ruled by sun that is essential for life. Leo is mainly the 3rd chakra where our power centre connects with our sun.

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Each of you have Leo energy resonating within your life. When you are searching for your power centre, you will look to the placement of your personal Sun in your chart. A strong Sun will give confidence and empowerment, while a weak Sun will produce lack of confidence and karma of needing to develop personal sovereignty, said by the best astrologer in Delhi.


As you grow in the world you discover that true nobility is the way that one conducts themselves internally as it reflects externally.

When one values their soul and their existence and does not shy from integrity even if it may look like loss, the energy that exudes from this person is nobility.

Leo is this energy.

It is always something to strive for; high standards for yourself first.


When the cellular structure is holding full light, pleasure sets in. Consider flowers that are glistening with morning sunlight and dew; the vibration is pleasure.

When you are pleased with your alignment with discipline, pleasure sets in.

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When you let go of worry and trust, pleasure sets in.

This full moon is about pleasure. Don’t waste your precious time moving away from pleasure, rather commit to claiming your natural birthright and enjoy your existence.

In this moment in time, you are called to find your power and find pleasure in that power according to the famous astrologer in Delhi.

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