Interior and Vastu According to the Best Astrologer in Delhi

Interior and Vastu According to the Best Astrologer in Delhi

Vastu has been a subject of interest since ancient times. Many ancient buildings and temples were constructed considering the laws and principles of Vastu and we see most of them are still in existence in spite of a long struggle with nature.

The North-East corner of a house should be allotted to the temple. It gives peace and good mental health to the residents but if it is heavily loaded or kept dirty the residents suffer from hypertension, lack of peace and there is restriction in growth. In interior decoration this corner of each room should be kept empty or it should be very light according to the best astrologer in Delhi.

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North-East is the zone of water in Vastu. In interiors, fish aquariums or any water unit leaving a sharp North-East corner should be kept here. Electric switches/Electric meters should be avoided in the North East.

The South-East zone has been given to fire in Cosmic Science. Electric switches, T.V. and heater units should be fixed in this zone.

The North-West corner is very good for fans/coolers etc. as it is the “Vaayu (Air) zone” in Vastu.

The South-West zone in a house should always be heavily loaded and it should never be kept empty. If it is kept empty the residents suffer from undue tension, anger, lack of peace etc. In each room also this corner should be the most heavy.

The centre of the house unit should neither be depressed nor should it have any pit, tube-well or pillar. It should never be heavily loaded. On the contrary it should be neat and clean, totally empty and a bit elevated. In each room also the centre should never be loaded, suggested by the best astrologers of India.

The desert plants if planted or kept in a house, give tension, problems of blood pressure, heart and memory. Cacti plants should be avoided in a residential unit. Also rubber plants should never be kept in a residential house.

Use of hot colours like red, dark yellow, orange etc in a house keeps the residents satisfied with their sexual lives. The cold colours in the bedroom give frigidity and sexual problems.

Keeping head towards South while sleeping in North-South direction or keeping head towards East while sleeping in East-West, one can get sound sleep, good balance of mind and normal blood pressure. The opposite conditions are negative with respect to health. This concept should also be taken into consideration during interiors.

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The photographs depicting horror, terror and cruelty should not be exhibited in the house. Erotic photographs can be kept in the bedroom. Photographs of natural sceneries, gods and birds are lucky for the residents.

Weapon’s should neither be exhibited nor kept in the North-East Zone of the house.

Showpieces and exhibits should be kept either in the North or in the East according to the famous  astrologer in Delhi.

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