Nakshatrasakshatras or Lunar Mansions and Their Wishes

Nakshatrasakshatras or Lunar Mansions and Their Wishes

Nakshatras provide an effective mind to find auspicious times for every imaginable human activity. They’re also useful for avoiding actions on a day when results are likely to be frustrated. To find that date when the cosmic vibrations will be just perfect for you to make that big career move, buy a car or plant your garden, you need a panchangam —an astrological calendar—calculated for your region.

The Moon’s nakshatra is the same all over the world at the same moment, but the human conventions of time zones and the International Date Line make the calendars produced in one place inapplicable to another. Panchangam in hand, you can proceed to research dates according to the following recommendations.

In general, activities will bear more productive fruit if the Moon is waxing, that is, moving in the brightest phase toward full moon day according to the best astrologer in Delhi. A terse summary of the nature and tendencies of persons born when the moon is located in each of the 27 lunar mansions.

1. Ashvini (Beta Arietis): Passionate, impulsive, attractive, and intelligent, people whose birth Moon is in Ashvini can also be headstrong and extravagant. They enjoy travel, are often s, killed workers and may have healing abilities. The Ashvins are Vedic gods of light, healing and inspiration.

2. Bharani (41 Arietis): Bharani folk are usually healthy, happy, skillful, and conscientious. They also tend to be somewhat impatient and self-indulgent, and find it hard to forgive. Setbacks can shift their priorities from material preoccupation to spiritual transcendence.

3. Krittika (Alcyone 2-Pleiades): Krittika types are fiery, full of creative energy, highly ambitious, dedicated to divine service, self-motivated, and “think big.” They stand out in a crowd and can become quite famous. They’re prone to eating too much.

4. Rohini (Aldebaran): Rohini gives a loving, truthful disposition, serenity, a sense of responsibility, and a love of the arts, beauty, and culture. If the Moon is afflicted, they may be prone to stubbornness, anger, selfishness, and fault-finding.

5. Mrigashira (Lambda Orionis): Gentle, sensitive, highly perceptive, drawn to romance, music and the arts, Mrigashiras prefer a quiet, comfortable life, can be very hardworking and are frequently drawn to spiritual life. Some are haunted by self-doubt or egoity.

6. Ardra (Betelguese 7): Full of vitality, good athletes, Ardra’s live life with enthusiasm and intensity. Sympathetic and helpful, they’re often drawn to the study of esoteric laws. If the Moon is afflicted, they can be cruel, lashing out at others unfairly at times.

7. Punarvasu (Pollux 11): Good-natured, generous emotionally, prudent financially, content to live a relaxed, uncluttered life, self-disciplined, yet playful. They need to guard against complacency and watch their health. They make good friends.

8. Pushya (Delta Cancri): They are stable, easy-going personalities, prosperous, well educated, popular, virtuous, nice looking, forthright, intelligent, and wise. Can be overly rigid, selfish, and arrogant. Productive and caring people who make good teachers.

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9. Ashlesha (Epsilon Hydrae): Self-reliant, excellent communicators, capable of great concentration and penetrating insight. Their candor can turn to tactlessness, and they may manipulate the truth to protect themselves. Don’t humiliate them; they will never forget it.

10. Magha (Alpha Leonis): Regal, ambitious, pleasure-loving, physically strong, they easily rise to leadership positions, honor tradition, and pursue noteworthy projects. They enjoy being served more than serving, and they can fall prey to a voracious desire for sex.

11. Purva Phalguni (Delta Leonis): Magnanimous, loyal, delightful conversationalists, earthy, attractive. They get their way without intimidating others. Often they are wanderers, drawn to the arts, and enjoy life to the full. The body is usually healthy, but the mind is so active and creative, they tend to leap before looking.

12. Uttara Phalguni (Beta Leonis): Likeable, generally well-to-do, earning substantial salaries through their exceptional intelligence. Make wonderful friends, and are always ready to help their companions. Success, courage, and love of adventure may appear, but romantic escapades may lead to trouble.

13. Hasta (Delta Corvi): Hard-working, industrious, and exceptionally resourceful, they make fine artisans, specialists, business people, and teachers, but are not often leaders. May display intelligence, a sharp wit and healing ability, also a lack of patience, and a determined effort to manipulate others for their ends.

14. Chitra (Spica 16): Charming and stylishly dressed, drawn to anything new or out of the ordinary. Magnets to the opposite sex, often artistically gifted, surround themselves with beautiful things. May at times become self-indulgent. These are intelligent, honest, efficient, substantial people.

15. Svati (Arcturus 17): Independent, generally quiet, nice people who control themselves in public. They are helpful, pleasant conversationalists and rarely hold grudges. Like travel and strongly attracted to religion or philosophy. Sometimes they experience chronic discontent.

16. Vishakha (Alpha 2 Libra): Purposeful, forceful, commanding in appearance. An excellent public speaker who enjoys making money. Courage, ambition, and one-pointedness carry them quickly to their goals. They revel in turmoil and enjoy a good argument.

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17. Anuradha (Delta Scorpio): Well-to-do, they dislike austere lifestyles, but have a deeply spiritual nature. They value family and friends, enjoy organizing projects and managing people. The less mature are prone to jealousy and depression.

18. Jyeshtha (Antares 18): Deeply passionate, able leaders, renowned for their adherence to virtue—and their testy temperaments! Generally cheerful, but quite irascible when provoked, they gladly fight to defend the helpless.

19. Mula (Lambda Scorpii): Set in their ways, clever, soft, and happy disposition, but somewhat suspicious of other people’s motivations. They tend to find their way to money, or money finds its way to them.

20. Purvashadha (Delta Sagittarii): Patient, independent-minded, convincing in speech, proud, lucky in love, outgoing people who will stick with their friends. Value their own opinions over others.

21. Uttarashadha (Pi Sagittarii): Popular, idealistic, influential, stable, introspective, and ethical. Good both at starting projects and completing them. Drawn to work that uplifts others. The less mature may be lazy, easily distracted, or stressed out.

22. Shravana (Altair 20): Intelligent, well-educated, and prosperous. A degree of fame usually comes their way. They love to learn, make good teachers and enjoy traveling. Often drawn to religious life, or a life of service, but they may become rigid or fanatical.

23. Dhanishtha (Alpha Delphini): Courageous, generous, often prosperous, upbeat, ambitious, and with a universal outlook. They bring people together for a worthy cause. Not easily fooled, they carefully analyze any proposition put to them. Can be aggressive, rash, or overly conservative.

24. Satabhishak (Lambda Aquarii): Blunt but honest, disinclined to conform, almost always get their way. Drawn to fields requiring penetrating insight such as science or philosophy. Can become a mindless workaholic, private, hiding their real thoughts. Most devoted to the service of humanity, whether recognized or not.

25. Purva Prostapada (Beta Pegasi): Fine speakers, good business skills, can make money and hang onto it. Generally fairly serious people, yet may act impetuously or have a hard time sticking to a decision. The less mature can be phobic, cynical, or may strike out vindictively at others.

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26. Uttara Prostapada (Gamma Pegasi): Well-balanced and ethical people, kindly, self-sacrificing, supportive, very convincing in discussions. They sincerely enjoy family life and like to help others. When conflicts or competition arise, they are likely to hold the winning hand. Young souls can be lazy, irresponsible, and envious.

27. Revati (Zeta Piscium): Healthy, intelligent, with a sweet disposition, and artistically gifted, they love people, wish harm to no one, and nourish those in need. While they don’t seek much for themselves, wealth and joy are often spontaneously bestowed on them. The less mature may display an inferiority complex, a servile nature, or fall prey to continual disappointments these are concerned by the famous astrologer in Delhi.

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