The Kind of Enemy of the 12 Zodiac

The Kind of Enemy of the 12 Zodiac

We do not get along with everybody we meet in life. Some people stick to our liking immediately; some we learn to set aside our differences and tolerate others we simply do not like. However unhealthy it may be, everyone in this world has their enemies or haters. Not necessarily all are vindictive; some of the enemies may even exchange pleasantries on your face while bitching behind your back.

No matter how much the extent of hatred one might have for you, it is never a nice feeling to know that you have an enemy out there, who dislikes you for some reason or the other. However, it is always beneficial to know who your potential enemies could be.

So here we have, based on your zodiac moon sign, deciphered what kind of an enemy you will be, so others would know before crossing you. It is the suggestion by a famous astrologer in Delhi.

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Zodiac Signs that are the worst enemies:


Aries is governed by the planet Mars and the aggression of this planet is well known. Aries natives are well known for their short-tempered and impulsiveness. They embrace fierce and passionate nature, being a fire sign. Aries natives generally have a large ego and are known to be quite arrogant. They can be very good friends and even better enemies. They hold grudges for a long time and it is not easy to get their forgiveness. They do not like to bow down and therefore it is not great to have Aries as an enemy according to the famous astrologer in Delhi.


Taurus natives are extremely stubborn and obstinate in their ways. They will argue with you till the end even if they realize mid-way that they might be wrong. They are very set in their ways and anyone who does not conform to their beliefs and understanding naturally becomes their enemies. Taurus however, will never get into a conflict with you but will hold the grudge deep inside. It is best not to reject their viewpoints because Taurus as an enemy is something you would not want.


Gemini natives are mostly easy-going and friendly. They are social beings who usually are full of themselves. Generally, Gemini natives get along with everyone as they are blessed with the gift of gab. But sometimes, they cannot get along with people because they are so wrapped up in their own thoughts or opinions that it can be difficult to hear those of others. But mostly, they are non-resenting people who are likely not to be your enemy.


As Cancer natives, their emotions run high. They are governed by the roller-coaster of emotions. They are sensitive and are likely to take things at face value, which causes them to get offended a lot. Cancer natives are likely to remember things of little importance and latch on to grudges and ill feelings. They make very bad enemies if you are in their bad books. They will bombard you with emotions and harsh words followed by apologies and aggression again. It can be quite draining to have a Cancer native as an enemy.

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Being a fire sign, Leo natives are pushy, passionate, and always at the forefront. They do not like their authority to be undermined. If anyone challenges their power or ability, that does not sit well with the Leo natives. Leo knows their self-worth and will not tolerate having their worth being questioned. They are powerful and extremely egoistic. It is best not to make a Leo native your enemy because they can go to any extent to avenge themselves.


As an earth sign, they are pretty grounded and nurturing. But, they are extremely methodical, organized, and perfectionist. The worst trait of a Virgo native is that they are extremely critical. Virgo natives often get into an argument with those who are careless and do not value things. Virgo natives harbor a deep-rooted dislike for such people and they can’t see eye to eye with them. Though not harmful, Virgo natives can be critical and mean to you, if they do not like you.


Libra natives look forward to harmonious and peaceful situations all the time. Libra natives do not like people who are self-centered and think only about themselves. Libra is all about pleasantness and pleasing people. Though they will never be in direct conflict or confrontation with anyone, they will hold a feeling of dislike against people who make it difficult and too real. Libra natives are not threats as enemies, they are harmless.


Now, Scorpio natives are the ones who you should never have as enemies. Scorpio natives are intense, brooding, and are known to hold a grudge. They are dark and revengeful. Governed by the planet Mars, Scorpio natives hold passion, anger, and grudge within them for anyone who has ever wronged them. They do not forgive easily and will manipulate and get their revenge on those who have aggrieved them. Possibly, the worst enemy one could have.


They are easy-going and high-spirited people who value their independence and freedom a lot. However, if in any way, someone tries to restrict or curb the freedom of a Sagittarius native, they will not be spared. Sagittarius thrives on mobility and openness and any kind of restriction bums them. However, Sagittarius natives are brutally honest and don’t like others who try to mince their words. Having said that, Sagittarius natives will never be your real enemy.


Most of the time, Capricorn natives mind their own business and are too full of themselves. They are busy being ambitious to give precedence to anything else. However, Capricorn natives are bitter losers. They are critical and if you can manage to anger a Capricorn native, you are in for a tough time. They neither forget nor forgive. They hold on to their grudges and believe in the ‘land of vindication’, where they are finally able to take revenge on their enemies. Pray never to make Capricorn natives your enemy by any chance or you is in for trouble.

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Aquarius natives do not conform to anything traditional and are very progressive in their approach. They love their path to modernity. However, if someone opposes that and is being regressive, that does not sit well with the Aquarius natives. They are usually easy-going and friendly but if someone tries to interfere in their work or life, they can make the life of such people into a living hell.


According to best astrologer in Delhi, Pisces natives are known to be emotional, caring, and friendly. They avoid conflict and confrontation at any cost. Pisces are imaginative and dreamy but they are mostly harmless people. They will keep their hurt feelings to themselves and recoil in their own world. They try not to hurt anyone. Having said that, Pisces natives will never forget how someone made them feel, but they will eventually forgive those people who hurt or deceived them. Pisces natives do not make harmful enemies.

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